Financial Coaching for People 55 and Older

Oh, crap! I’m near retirement (or already retired) and I haven’t saved enough!

Is this you? Or your parent(s)? 

Are you concerned about how you’re going to manage this next phase of life – when you don’t have time to save and invest and let your money grow?

There are no miracles, and you’re facing some difficult choices. 

But there ARE steps you can take to ease the way and let you sleep at night.

Money Smart for Life can help! Here are some of the areas we will work on together, judgement-free, with encouragement, support, straight talk, and systems to ease the way and keep you on track:

      • Budgeting, even if you’ve never made (or stuck with) a budget in your life
      • Debt reduction
      • Housing (most people’s biggest cost! Given limited income at this stage of life, let’s see how we can reduce those costs)
      • Maximizing Social Security 
      • Income generation without going back into the workforce full-time
      • Thinking through options for long term care
      • Making it solo if you’ve experienced “gray divorce” or been widowed
      • Dealing effectively with financial decisions regarding adult children (and grandchildren)
      • Living a full and purposeful life on limited funds

Your Options for Coaching:

Clarity Session: We review all your numbers and create an initial budget. You will walk away with a clear understanding of where you stand financially, and with preliminary action steps to begin working toward your most important goal: $325 for one 90-minute session.

All-In Coaching Program: We’ll do a deep-dive into your particular situation, create a spending plan, and put systems into place to enable you to manage your money effectively. I will guide you through the process of creating a vision and action plan for living your best life in retirement. Includes week-by-week accountability, support through difficult decisions, and coaching about conversations with loved ones: $2,500 for ten 1-hour sessions (with a 5% discount if paid upfront).

Join Money Smart for Life: 55+ Living Well on a Budget, a Facebook group for people who want to live their best life in retirement with limited resources.

This group is a place to seek help, suggestions, and fellowship around money and life as you head into this next phase of your journey.
We’ll talk about personal finance, but also about the financial (and life) implications of housing, travel, friendships, empty nesting, marriage, singlehood, dating, divorce, health, relationships with adult children and grandchildren, and much more more.