Single Moms money parenting life

You Face Unique Challenges as a Single Mom

… and they’re all connected

Single mom worry

How can I make it work on a single income?

How can I focus on both my job and my kids when I have to do it all?

How can I be both mom and dad? (Hint: you don’t have to).

How can I create the calm and joyful life I want for my kids when I’m so exhausted and on my last nerve all the time?

Money/ Parenting/ Life Coaching (MPL)

for Single Moms

Money and parenting. They’re connected – when one feels hard or overwhelming, taking care of the other seems impossible. 

Single moms know this more than anyone. As a single mom myself, I know this – up close and personal. 

So when single moms asked me for help with all of it, I created a special program just for them. I joined my financial coaching expertise with my experience as a long-term preschool owner/teacher, parent coach, and single mom of two young adult daughters.

What You’ll Gain from MPL Coaching:


Relationship-based parenting skills to create harmony, peace, and joy in your home (ok, not all the time – but close to it)!

Confidence answering those difficult questions your child is bound to ask or accusations they’ll surely make at some point. You know the ones, specific to single mom families. Here’s a sample: Why don’t I have a dad? Why doesn’t Dad like me? Why are you so mean when I get anything I want at Dad’s house? Why do you have to work all the time? And for adoptive families: I don’t have to listen to you – you’re not my real mom! 

Strategies for dealing calmly and effectively with difficult family members (and clueless strangers).

Financial confidence so you can make more money and steward the money you have to create the life you want for yourself and your children.

Transformation from overwhelm to organization and the ability to sleep peacefully knowing that you can weather a financial storm.

A framework for letting go of the past, enjoying the present, and creating the future of your dreams.


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