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How to Redeem Your Gift Certificate

This certificate entitles you to one ninety-minute Clarity Session

with Debra Jacobs of Money Smart for Life. 


The Clarity Session is a 90 minute virtual meeting where we’ll review your current financial situation and create an initial plan for meeting your highest-priority goal.

To redeem your gift certificate:

  1. Schedule the Clarity Session by clicking here.
  2. After you schedule the session, Debra will send you a Zoom link and a questionnaire and financial worksheet. Completing these will enable us to “hit the ground running” and prevent us from wasting time with information-gathering during our session. 

Privacy Guarantee: Debra Jacobs and Money Smart for Life guarantee that your information and anything we discuss during our Clarity Session will be held in strictest confidentiality, and will not be shared with anyone without your express, written consent.