A Podcast to Help Make Your Dream Come True ...

Does money stop you from pursuing your dream? In this podcast, we talk about what’s possible, especially if you’re a single mom.

Ways you can manage your finances to create the life you want for yourself and your children. How you can change the way you view money, make it, spend it, and save it in order to live a purpose-driven life.

Whether your dream is to become a single mother by choice, to start a business, or simply to feel financially secure, you’ve come to the right place.

Host Debra Jacobs, Ed.M., is a financial coach who has made her own dream a reality – more than once. In interviews and solo episodes, she shares inspirational stories, empathy, and actionable advice.

Trauma from the stress, anxiety, and anger of having a spouse who mismanages money – and then an ex who continues to cause financial hardship – is real!

Lucinda Testo, therapist and life coach for divorced women and moms, tells her story and provides actionable steps for women experiencing a similar situation.

Lucinda talks with Debra about waiting to divorce because of being “financially crippled,” pulling out of debt left from marriage, moving from a safe, corporate job as a psychotherapist into private practice and then starting a coaching business, re-marrying and what to think about financially with a new partner, dealing with a difficult medical diagnosis, and more.

Lucinda is a psychotherapist turned life coach for divorced women and moms. She transitioned to life coaching after more than 17 years as a psychotherapist, so that she could help women all over the globe. Having been a divorced mom herself, Lucinda understands the tornado of emotions that can make it difficult to move on and rebuild. Her passion is in helping women define their new identity and reclaim their awesomeness after divorce! 

You can contact Lucinda at her therapy practice at Unlimited You LLC, at her coaching practice, or on social media:



Article about research showing that mood follows action.


Bethany Gettis came to single parenthood as a widow, but no matter no matter how you became a single mom, you’ll take away valuable insights from this conversation.

Bethany shares her story, including:

  • Postpartum depression
  • The steps she took to take back control of her life after the initial shock of losing her partner
  • How she faced her new financial situation and moved from fear of losing her house to creating a life that enabled her to pay the bills AND homeschool her children – all while doing work she loves.

And more. So many take-aways from this conversation!

Bethany Gettis is a dynamic, internationally known Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ and REAL Food advocate. She focuses on guiding busy, health-conscious mothers to their own optimum healthy lifestyle through nutrition while creating constant holistic balance and harmony.

She created her business, Nutritious and Delicious, because she believes a healthy family starts with a healthy parent.

Check out Bethany’s Nutritious and Delicious Recipe Bookwith over 45 health recipes.

You can reach Bethany through her website, ndelish.com, and can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Our tendency as single moms is to give everything to our kids – every last bit of our energy and attention.

But sooner than you know, your children will grow up and leave the nest. Then what? 

Looking to your children as your only source of happiness and fulfillment isn’t good for you – or for them.

In this episode, Debra talks about the importance of “getting a life,” even if that means spending some money, and she outlines steps for how to do that.


Resources mentioned in the episode:

Article about MVNO’s

Peanut app

How do you teach your child to be good with money?

In this episode, Debra interviews Julia Washington, who talks about raising her son as a young, solo mom. Julia shares the steps she took to encourage her son to take an interest in personal finance and to learn money skills. At 17, he is well on his way to a life of financial security and achievement of his dreams.

Debra and Julia also talk about negotiating salaries, approaching college financing, and more.

Julia Washington is a California based writer, producer, podcast host, and social media manager. She is a biracial, solo mom who loves to read, watch television and movies, has a subscription to the New Yorker, and will give you unsolicited book/movie/tv recommendations.

You can find her on Instagram as @thejuliawashington where she offers musings on solo-motherhood, being an elder millennial, and book recommendations. Make sure you listen to her insightful podcast, Pop Culture Makes Me Jealous. 

In the episode, we talk about the great service provided by Student Loan Planner (affiliate link). If you carry a heavy student loan debt, their affordable counseling can be invaluable. 

Listening to experts can change our lives in positive ways, but can sometimes lead us down the wrong path. Debra shares her journey about going in a direction with this podcast that didn’t feel right, and refocusing now on single parenthood and money. She also talks about why we listen to other people instead of what we know to be true and how to avoid that pitfall.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

A Slight Change of Plans podcast

Katy Milkman, How to Change: The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be



If you struggle with a heavy student loan debt burden, you’re not alone. Student loan debt has reached crisis proportions in the United States, and many people put their lives – and dreams – on indefinite hold while they wonder how they’re ever going to pay it down.

Take heart though – there’s hope! Even if you owe into the hundreds of thousands.

Debra’s guest, Travis Hornsby, student loan debt expert who has helped thousands of people save millions of dollars on their student loan debt pay-down, shares his wisdom and knowledge, and offers hope for achieving your dream even with large amounts of student loan debt.

Travis is a speaker and the founder of Student Loan Planner, which he launched after helping his physician wife navigate ridiculously complex student loan repayment decisions. To date, Student Loan Planner has consulted on over $1.5 billion in student debt.

Travis is a Chartered Financial Analyst and brings his background as a former bond trader trading billions of dollars. Trying to solve the student loan crisis brought him out of his first retirement at the age of 25.

 He brings that same intensity to analyzing the best repayment paths for graduate degree professionals with six figures of student debt. Travis and his team have helped 6,143+ clients save over $315 million dollars on their student loans, and he’s been featured in U.S. News, Business Insider, Forbes, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, ChooseFi, Bigger Pockets, Afford Anything, Money, and more.

If you have significant student loan debt and want to book a life-changing session with Travis or one of his team members at Student Loan Planner, go here. (Note: You will also be supporting the podcast, as I will receive a small affiliate payment when you book a session through this link).

And listen to the Student Loan Planner podcast – you’ll learn a lot!

In the episode, Travis also mentioned this site for help with Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Exciting News!! 

If you sign on to Money Smart for Life’s All-In, 12-session financial coaching program, and you have student loan debt over $40,000, you will get $200 off the cost of a session at Student Loan Planner.

The All-In coaching, combined with Student Loan Planner’s laser focus on making sure you have the best possible student loan pay-down plan, will set you on the path to achieving your dream!

Book a consult now to learn more:


If you or someone in your family is active duty military, former military, or is thinking about joining the armed forces, don’t miss this episode.

TRICARE expert and retired Naval officer John Letaw joins Debra to talk about the benefits and challenges of military life, and to break down the opportunities TRICARE offers. (TRICARE is the health care program available to all current or former military members and their families).

John spent most of his military and civilian career in the Pacific region. Following Navy retirement, he worked as a defense contractor in San Diego and Iwakuni, Japan; he was a civil service professional in Hawaii; and a missionary in Thailand and Japan.

In all of these roles, John and his family have relied upon TRICARE for their health care needs. 

Over the years, John has gained a broad perspective of Tricare in a variety of settings. He has been enrolled in TRICARE Standard, TRICARE Prime, and TRICARE Select both overseas and in the States.

In the midst of his overseas assignments, John became attuned to the urgent need for active and retired military families to learn about TRICARE. This led him to launch the Facebook group TRICARE Around the World. His group has grown to become the world’s largest and most active online community dedicated to sharing information among users of TRICARE worldwide.

The questions, stories, struggles and victories of families like your own had a profound influence on the development of his book, TRICARE Around the World.

To contact John, sign up for his newsletter, and find links to his FaceBook groups, check out his website, The TRICARE Guy.


Decluttering can have a big impact on your financial life. Clutter is heavy. It weighs on you and prevents you from moving forward. Listen in for Debra’s clutter story and for tips and resources for decluttering your life and opening up space and time to focus on achieving your dream.

Resources mentioned in the episode:


Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and her Netflix show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo



Scanner Pro

File Manager


To request Debra’s PowerPoint that will help you clear out paper clutter, send an email to debra@moneysmartforlife.com


Does the life you’ve been taught to want leave you feeling empty?

Do you feel stuck and unable to make changes?

Expectations of what life is supposed to be like and fear of living differently hold us back from working towards our deepest dreams and desires.

Don’t miss this discussion with “Liberated Bad-Ass” and Life Coach Sarah Leslie, who shares her own transformational journey and the radical changes she made to create happiness and fulfillment. Sarah offers steps you can take to choose – and build – the life you want.

Sarah is a clinical psychotherapist turned life coach, mentor, and entrepreneur. 

She spent the first 20 years of her adult life working from the therapy chair, helping adults and youth from all walks of life to make significant changes.

Then after her own transformation several years ago, she pivoted to coaching in the virtual space, which allowed her the freedom to work from anywhere, with folks from anywhere. 

Now, she focuses on helping other super-dedicated professionals (and their families) just like her to break out of the old way of doing things and make the shift to prioritizing themselves so they can become much healthier, stronger leaders in bother their personal and professional lives.

To contact Sarah, go to her website or send her an email. You can also find her on LinkedIn and FaceBook.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

The Minimalists podcast

Minimalism movie

Excellent Sheep by William Deresiewicz

Is your dream to own a home?

Don’t miss this episode!

You’ll get all the info you need to successfully secure a mortgage: how to know you’re ready, pre-qualification vs. pre-approval, what debt ratios are and how to know if you have too much debt, what lenders look for in your credit report, the ins-and-outs of down payments and closing costs, and more.

Mortgage expert Amy Slotnick shares a deep well of knowledge and experience, so whether you’re dreaming about buying a home sometime in the future, you’re just starting down the home buying path, or you’re well on your way, listen in. You’re guaranteed to learn a lot!

Since entering the mortgage industry in 1983, Amy  has dedicated herself to providing excellence in mortgage services to her clients and referral partners. Amy joined Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation in 2007, where she serves as a Regional SVP and Branch Manager and is recognized yearly as one of the company’s top producing originators. In addition, Amy is dedicated to training and coaching loan originators within Fairway’s coaching platform, Fairway Ignite.

Throughout her career, Amy has been recognized as an industry leader. Some of her awards include consecutive years of achievement in Scotsman Guide’s Top Originator Ranking; Mortgage Executive Magazine’s Top 1% of Originators in the Country; Five Star Professional and Banker and Tradesman’s Women of Fire Award. One of her proudest moments was being recognized as the first recipient of Fairway’s Daryll E. Jacobson Courage in Business Award, recognizing those within the company that have demonstrated immense courage in business.

Amy also has the distinction of being the first loan officer at Fairway to achieve $100 million in personal production in one year.

Amy began her career in the mortgage industry as an underwriter and quickly gained experience in every facet of the industry, including operations, sales, management and ownership. She believes that customer service is the key to success in the mortgage industry, and puts her many years of experience to work for customers to keep them comfortable and informed throughout the process.

You can contact Amy through her website, via email at amy@amyslotnick.com, or by phone at 617-513-5608.

Do you have a kid who is passionate about and committed to participating in a sport, dance, music, gymnastics, or another expensive pursuit?

Those activities can be EXPENSIVE, especially given the costs that come with training at a high level.

Listen in for nine ideas for reducing the costs of financing your kid’s dream.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Is your dream to travel the world?

Don’t let a limited budget get in the way.

In this episode, Debra discusses creative ways to reduce or eliminate some of the major costs of travel. These are not the “usual suspects” of travel hacking (credit card points, flexible travel dates, etc). Those can be valuable, but we go beyond the usual and talk about outside-the-box ways to travel for next to nothing.

Resources mentioned in the episode:


My kids have just flown the nest.

In this episode, I talk about 12 financial and life lessons I hope I’ve taught them.

These lessons can help you chart your own path and get ahead financially as you live with integrity and purpose.

Resources mentioned in the episode:


Is your dream to have a child?

Are you single?

You will hear many comments like “it will be too hard” or “it’s not fair to the child” or “it’s not the way it was meant to be.”

Baloney. If you accept these comments as truth, you won’t get your finances in shape to make your dream of motherhood come true.

So let’s flip the script. In this episode, Debra lays out five reasons why it can actually be EASIER to parent alone.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Articles on “mental load:” 


Learn how to take photos like a pro

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    Divorced, or thinking about divorce?

    Listen in for steps to take to protect yourself financially, and all the ins and outs of buying a home post-divorce.

    In this interview with Divorce Financial Coach Shanda Deshield of Real Financial Guide, we go over ways women can save money of their own, what to do with the family home in case of divorce, and everything you need to think about when buying your home after a divorce. 

    Shanda is the “real deal.” She’s worked as a real estate agent and a mortgage professional, and having experienced divorce herself, she knows how you can protect yourself through the divorce process and can help you buy a home after divorce.

    Her mission with Real Financial Guide is to help divorced women with their money and enable them to realize the dream of homeownership. 

    Is your dream to own a home? You’re not alone!

    In this episode, the first in a series about home ownership, Debra lays out the pro’s and con’s of buying a house. Listen in for five reasons buying a house is a great idea, and five reasons why you may be better off renting. 

    Resources mentioned in the episode:

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      In this interview with Parent Coach Kiran Gaind, we talk about the financial stories from our childhoods that can inform the actions we take to pursue our dreams.

      We also focus on entitlement: how a sense of entitlement can get in the way of pursuing our dream, and how we can help our children grow up without a feeling of entitlement – even when we’re raising them in an affluent community.

      One nugget of wisdom from Kiran: “What if there’s no such thing as ‘fail,’ only ‘learn’?”

      Kiran has been a Certified Parent, Life, and Leadership Coach for 10 years, a certified teacher for over 20 years, and an organizational change agent and re-designer for 18 years.

      She’s also been a mom since 2009 (and always knew she wanted to be one, since she was a little girl).

      Kiran taught in, redesigned and turned around urban, diverse k-12 schools for 12 years. She was chosen as the first advisor of her beloved student’s Black Student Union at San Francisco’s Burton High School in 1999, before it was mainstream to work towards diversity, equity, and inclusion.

      She received her Masters in Organization Development in 2020, during a global pandemic, has been published in the Huffington Post and elsewhere, and is working on her first book and TED Talk.

      Kiran teaches her Resilient Success System 4-Pillar Method at the Jewish Family and Children’s Services in Palo Alto, and gives parent education talks in the Bay Area and beyond to groups at schools, companies, community centers and on zoom. 

      In her work with parents, Kiran draws from her own research as well as from the work of many other experts she has trained with and whose models she integrates. 

      Resources mentioned in the episode:

      How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lithcott-Haims

      Tim Ferris: Fear-Setting: The Most Valuable Exercise I do Every Month

      Gayle King’s interview with Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

      What are you waiting for? Life is short, and the time to start pursuing your dream is NOW.

      In this episode, Debra talks about the choice you can make to live your own life – that you create – or to “sleep-live.” She also reviews the three steps to take now to develop the financial ability to pursue your dream.

      Don’t let money hold you back! If you want it badly enough, there’s a way to make it happen.

      Blog post mentioned in this episode: Tim Urban’s The Tail End on the Wait But Why blog.

      Is your dream to become a parent as a single person, or if you have a partner but you’re experiencing infertility?

      In this episode, Debra discusses the different ways people become single parents by choice or form a family in the face of infertility, including pursing assisted conception or adopting.

      She jumps into the emotional and practical challenges of each method and outlines the costs.

      Then she offers different ideas for cutting the costs of those paths and/or raising the money to cover them without going into debt.

      Even if you’re not a high income earner, there ARE ways to make your dream come true.

      Resources mentioned in this episode:


      Financial Planner Meghan Dwyer joins Debra to discuss some of the deep issues women face around money:

      • When reality differs from what we’ve been taught to expect
      • When we may not feel worthy or deserving of high incomes or financial successs
      • When deeply embedded cultural stories inform the way we view ourselves and our financial lives.

      They start out talking financial planning and coaching, but soon jump into the meatier money mindset issues. 

      In addition to being a financial planner, Meghan is a podcaster, wife, mom, and runner. 

      As a financial planner, she has seen women way too often take a backseat when it comes to their family’s finances. Meghan believes it is crucial for us as women to have knowledge and to understand our personal finances in order to feel confident and empowered to live our best lives.

      Meghan started the Money Isn’t Scary podcast last year to help women unpack the deeply embedded stories we have been telling ourselves and reframe our mindset so that we can begin to spend, save and act in alignment with our intentions. Only when we are truly in tune with our relationship with money can we begin to be our best selves.

      You can also find Meghan on Instagram at moneyisntscary.

      In this episode, Debra outlines the six steps she takes with clients who are working on making their dream a financial reality, from creating the vision, to gaining clarity about their current financial situation, to mapping out the costs of realizing the dream, to taking “radical action,” and more.

      Most things are possible with determination, commitment, and a willingness to live differently from the norm.

      What are you willing to do?

      In this episode, learn about out-of-the-box ideas for saving significant amounts of money on the journey to single motherhood by choice, and as a single mom. Sarah Kowalski –  single mom by choice, fertility doula, life coach, and author – shares her journey and the brave moves she made.

      Sarah has been coaching women at every stage of the single mom by choice journey for 7 years.

      Her own arduous path to motherhood inspired her to combine her expertise as a life coach, lawyer and patient’s rights advocate with her passion for teaching mind-body practices such as Feldenkrais and Qigong. Through this unique blend of training and experience, she helps women quiet the voice of doubt and redefine what it means to be a mother so they can embrace their unique path to motherhood.

      Through Sarah’s one on one coaching, support groups, and membership community, she helps you put down the fairy tales, lessen your anxiety and open to your own unique path to motherhood so you can proudly embrace an unconventional path.

      Sarah’s work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Scary Mommy, PopSugar, First For Women, ESME.com (Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere), One Bad Mother Podcast, Red Tricycle, Huffington Post, and MindBodyGreen.

      To join Sarah’s brand-new community for single mothers by choice, the Motherhood Reimagined SMC Community, click here. I’m joining and hope to see you there!

      And don’t forget to sign up for the Money Smart for Life newsletter to get your free, fillable PDF:


      We all make mistakes. Looking back, it’s easy to see where we could have done better – but when we’re in the thick of it, we have a harder time making good decisions.

      This week, I’m letting you in on my own personal mess-ups: the five biggest mistakes I made when my kids were younger.

      Two of these mistakes were financial, the other three were parenting mistakes.

      Yes, of course I made more mistakes as a parent than these five – but these are the five big ones.

      I’m getting up close and personal this week so you can benefit from my experience, and hopefully do better.

      In the episode, I mention Holding Time by Martha Welch, M.D.  Proceed with caution!




      Reducing expenses will help you create the life you want – but bringing in more money is equally important.

      How can you create new income streams to save the money you need to realize your dream of becoming a single mother by choice, or to create the life you want for yourself and your kids?

      It’s not easy, especially when you’re a single mom already pressed for time. But it’s possible, and you can do it.

      In this episode, we review ways to raise quick money, to create longer-term side businesses, and to increase your salary.

      Resources mentioned in this episode:


      We all have money stories – thoughts that inform the way we approach our finances.

      What are your stories? Are they holding you back from facing your financial situation and from working towards achieving your dreams?

      In this episode, we go over 10 common limiting money stories – from scarcity to feeling like “the poor kid” to the Cinderella Syndrome, and more – and talk about ways to face these thoughts and begin writing new stories.

      Changing your thoughts won’t magically change your life, but will open the path to actions that WILL result in major change.

      Note: The money stories in this episode are numbered – but for some reason I skipped from 6 to 8. You’re not crazy – there’s no number 7!

      Resources mentioned in this episode:

      After working all day and taking care of your kids, the rest of life can feel overwhelming. 

      From paying bills to doing the dishes to making the hundreds of decisions that you have to make as a parent and simply as an adult – life can feel out of control. Often we respond by ignoring things, which we all know leads to bigger problems in the long run. 

      In this episode, we discuss five easy-to-implement tips for making your life run more smoothly – financially and otherwise.

      Resources mentioned in the episode:



      You really want a dog, or your kids are relentless in asking for one.

      As a single mom, should you do it? Can you manage it between work and parenting your kids by yourself?

      How much will it cost?

      In this episode, we go over everything you need to think about before making the decision. We’ll also discuss things to think about if you already have a dog and you’re pregnant or about to adopt.

      Resources mentioned in the episode:


      Budgeting can feel scary, daunting, and time-consuming, and when you’re a single mom focusing on your job and your kids, it’s something you likely ignore.

      But budgeting can actually be freeing. It can give you a structure for financial decisions that lightens your load.

      In this episode, learn how to budget in a way that will work for you. Yes, you’ll have some initial set-up and leg work to do, but once you have the system in place, you won’t need to track your money every day or spend hours entering every little expense.

      You’ll finally have an easy way to get on top of your finances!

      Don’t forget – leave a review on iTunes, and drop a note at debra@moneysmartforlife.com to let me know, so I can enter you in a drawing for a free hour of coaching.

      Resources mentioned in the episode:


      If you have a teenager, or a younger child who will one day become a teenager, don’t miss this episode!

      It’s full of important information and strategies for relationship-based parenting through the teen years.

      Debra discusses:

      – Ways to build and maintain strong relationships with your teen
      – What to do when they lash out and say hurtful things
      – The pressure of school and the crazy, toxic push towards college
      – Sex, drugs, and your teenager
      – When your teen lies to you
      – Anxiety and teenagers
      – The dangers of “rescuing” your teen

      Here are links to resources mentioned in the episode:

      Anne Fisher and the Family Dinner Project

      Excellent Sheep by William Deresiewicz

      The Semester School Network



      Life changed for Kim Williams when she found herself pregnant as a sophomore in college. 

      She went through a period of doubt and depression, then pulled herself up and did what she had to do to support herself and create a great life for her child. Kim finished school, got her MBA, and moved for the sake of support and then again for a job. She built community both on and off line.

      Creator of the Experiencing Motherhood Single and Black podcast and community, Kim has an important and inspiring story to tell.

      After searching to find single black moms who were podcasting and not finding any that were current, she decided to fill the gap by creating a podcast and building a community that not only supports each other online, but also offline.  Kim is very passionate about educating single moms so that they can live the life they desire without feeling alone on the journey of Single Motherhood, which can become so isolating.

      Because of the platform, moms all around the world (single and married) have been able to change the way they think, implement strategies to improve their life and the life of their children, and make connections with other moms.

      To connect with Kim, go to her website or find her on Instagram at singleblackmotherhood


      As your kids get older, the cost of raising them increases.

      They eat more, they may have expensive hobbies or passions, it costs more to buy them clothes. You’re more likely to overspend on older kids at the holidays, and it’s more expensive to take them on vacation.

      In this episode, we talk about ways to cut some of those costs without compromising the quality of your life or your relationship with your kids.

      Here’s a link to the free travel hacking course mentioned in the episode: ChooseFI Travel Rewards 101

      Each month, Debra will choose one iTunes review of the podcast and offer the writer of that review a one-hour free coaching session (financial, parenting, or other single mom concerns). So go over to iTunes now and enter your review! Then send me a note letting me know you wrote the review, so I can get in touch with you if you’re chosen for the free session.


      Raising children is expensive!

      But there ARE ways to reduce the costs. By a lot!

      In this episode, Debra shares ideas for saving on everything from daycare to diapers, food, toys, and more. Make sure you tune in next week for Part 2, about reducing the costs of raising older children. 

      Links to some of the resources mentioned in the podcast:

      Each month, Debra will choose one iTunes review of the podcast and offer the writer of that review a one-hour free coaching session (financial, parenting, or other single mom concerns). So go over to iTunes now and enter your review!


      Are you considering becoming a single mother by choice? 

      Sabiha Mustafa, a Certified Empowerment Coach and Mentor for single women longing to become moms, talks with Debra about all the ins and outs of making that decision. What are the common fears women have? What mindset shifts might be necessary? Will my kids be okay? What’s the process? The challenges – and joys – of single motherhood by choice are both significant. 

      This episode is a must-listen if you are thinking about making this leap.

      Sabiha’s path to motherhood has been transformational. It has brought so much happiness, joy, and love to her life that she has decided to help other single women realize their dream to be a mom without jeopardizing their fertility waiting for the right partner, or settling with the wrong partner out of pressure and fear.

      Sabiha feels honored to guide and support women in their 20s to mid-40s to make the best decisions for their lives so they’re able to experience the joy of being a mom and live happy, fulfilling, and meaningful lives. She uses her coaching sills, her own experience of becoming a single mother, as well as her various other personal and professional transitions to help women succeed and thrive at every stage of this rewarding and life-changing journey. 

      Starting on April 12, 2021, Sabiha will be hosting the Choosing Single Motherhood summit, a free, 5-day virtual event featuring over 10 experts. Register here to gain access to information about fertility treatments, choosing donor sperm, adoption, fertility nutrition, well being, managing emotions, and more.

      Check out Sabiha’s website to learn more about her coaching and to contact her.




      If you ache to stay home more with your child, but feel stuck because as a single mom you have to put food on the table, this episode is for you.

      We’ll talk about ways to make that dream come true. It’s absolutely possible – with some creativity, hard work, and maybe some initial sacrifice.

      Your kids won’t be kids for long, and their babyhood and childhood are so precious – and so fleeting. In this episode we’ll talk about ways you can to work fewer hours, cut expenses, and carve out more time to spend with your kids.

      Here are links to podcasts mentioned in the episode:

      Side Hustle Nation

      Side Hustle School

      Rebel Entrepreneur


      None of us want to think about our own death, but planning for that possibility is SO important – especially for single moms. In this episode, Attorney Samantha Allen walks us through everything we need to do to protect our kids, from putting specific documents in place to choosing guardians to making our wishes known. Have your pen and paper or your notes app ready – you’re going to need them!

      You’ll learn about the three documents to put in place before your child is even born, the process of choosing guardians, the difference between a will and a trust, the reasons you should put your wishes in writing – even in a document that may not be legally binding – and more.

      Sam is a Massachusetts Attorney, Counselor at Law, and owner of Law Mom, LLC. Her legal experience started at a District Courthouse; from there, she worked for a big law firm in Boston, which led her to opening her general practice law firm. She felt that there was something more that she needed to do, but hadn’t figured it out yet. In 2019, the message became clear.

      Have you ever thought to yourself, “I am young” or “I am healthy, I don’t need an estate plan?” Even as an attorney, the last thing Sam wanted to think about was an estate plan.

      But after a healthy pregnancy, at age 33, Sam became deathly ill and almost lost her life after giving birth. After her own experience and learning that approximately 69% of parents do not have an estate plan for their family, she opened Law Mom, LLC. Law Mom is a Massachusetts Estate Planning Firm with a modern legal approach – focused on your specific family dynamic, keeping your family out of court and conflict.

      You can reach Sam through her website or by phone at 781-277-4488.


      Don’t miss this episode! Our first ever guest, Heather Wells, has an amazing and inspiring story to tell.

      Heather Wells is a single mom of three children and creator of The Single Mom Blog and Podcast. After years of struggling as a single mother on government assistance programs, she was finally able to achieve self-sufficiency by starting her own business working from home. With a thriving consultant business, she now also focuses on helping other single mothers develop the skills and mindsets to live their best lives.

      Heather shares her journey raising twins with special needs, shifting her mindset and her circumstances after eight years feeling stuck on public assistance, and facing down a scary medical diagnosis.

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