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Typical parenting and financial advice doesn’t always apply to single moms – people with partners just don’t get the challenges of going it alone. If you want to create financial security and parent with confidence and joy, as a single mom, this podcast is for you.

Debra Jacobs, Ed.M., is a financial and parent coach, former long-term preschool owner/teacher, and single mom. She understands that every part of your life affects every other part, and brings it all together with stories, empathy, and actionable money, parenting, and life advice.

As your kids get older, the cost of raising them increases.

They eat more, they may have expensive hobbies or passions, it costs more to buy them clothes. You’re more likely to overspend on older kids at the holidays, and it’s more expensive to take them on vacation.

In this episode, we talk about ways to cut some of those costs without compromising the quality of your life or your relationship with your kids.

Here’s a link to the free travel hacking course mentioned in the episode: ChooseFI Travel Rewards 101

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Raising children is expensive!

But there ARE ways to reduce the costs. By a lot!

In this episode, Debra shares ideas for saving on everything from daycare to diapers, food, toys, and more. Make sure you tune in next week for Part 2, about reducing the costs of raising older children. 

Links to some of the resources mentioned in the podcast:

Each month, Debra will choose one iTunes review of the podcast and offer the writer of that review a one-hour free coaching session (financial, parenting, or other single mom concerns). So go over to iTunes now and enter your review!


Are you considering becoming a single mother by choice? 

Sabiha Mustafa, a Certified Empowerment Coach and Mentor for single women longing to become moms, talks with Debra about all the ins and outs of making that decision. What are the common fears women have? What mindset shifts might be necessary? Will my kids be okay? What’s the process? The challenges – and joys – of single motherhood by choice are both significant. 

This episode is a must-listen if you are thinking about making this leap.

Sabiha’s path to motherhood has been transformational. It has brought so much happiness, joy, and love to her life that she has decided to help other single women realize their dream to be a mom without jeopardizing their fertility waiting for the right partner, or settling with the wrong partner out of pressure and fear.

Sabiha feels honored to guide and support women in their 20s to mid-40s to make the best decisions for their lives so they’re able to experience the joy of being a mom and live happy, fulfilling, and meaningful lives. She uses her coaching sills, her own experience of becoming a single mother, as well as her various other personal and professional transitions to help women succeed and thrive at every stage of this rewarding and life-changing journey. 

Starting on April 12, 2021, Sabiha will be hosting the Choosing Single Motherhood summit, a free, 5-day virtual event featuring over 10 experts. Register here to gain access to information about fertility treatments, choosing donor sperm, adoption, fertility nutrition, well being, managing emotions, and more.

Check out Sabiha’s website to learn more about her coaching and to contact her.




If you ache to stay home more with your child, but feel stuck because as a single mom you have to put food on the table, this episode is for you.

We’ll talk about ways to make that dream come true. It’s absolutely possible – with some creativity, hard work, and maybe some initial sacrifice.

Your kids won’t be kids for long, and their babyhood and childhood are so precious – and so fleeting. In this episode we’ll talk about ways you can to work fewer hours, cut expenses, and carve out more time to spend with your kids.

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None of us want to think about our own death, but planning for that possibility is SO important – especially for single moms. In this episode, Attorney Samantha Allen walks us through everything we need to do to protect our kids, from putting specific documents in place to choosing guardians to making our wishes known. Have your pen and paper or your notes app ready – you’re going to need them!

You’ll learn about the three documents to put in place before your child is even born, the process of choosing guardians, the difference between a will and a trust, the reasons you should put your wishes in writing – even in a document that may not be legally binding – and more.

Sam is a Massachusetts Attorney, Counselor at Law, and owner of Law Mom, LLC. Her legal experience started at a District Courthouse; from there, she worked for a big law firm in Boston, which led her to opening her general practice law firm. She felt that there was something more that she needed to do, but hadn’t figured it out yet. In 2019, the message became clear.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I am young” or “I am healthy, I don’t need an estate plan?” Even as an attorney, the last thing Sam wanted to think about was an estate plan.

But after a healthy pregnancy, at age 33, Sam became deathly ill and almost lost her life after giving birth. After her own experience and learning that approximately 69% of parents do not have an estate plan for their family, she opened Law Mom, LLC. Law Mom is a Massachusetts Estate Planning Firm with a modern legal approach – focused on your specific family dynamic, keeping your family out of court and conflict.

You can reach Sam through her website or by phone at 781-277-4488.


Don’t miss this episode! Our first ever guest, Heather Wells, has an amazing and inspiring story to tell.

Heather Wells is a single mom of three children and creator of The Single Mom Blog and Podcast. After years of struggling as a single mother on government assistance programs, she was finally able to achieve self-sufficiency by starting her own business working from home. With a thriving consultant business, she now also focuses on helping other single mothers develop the skills and mindsets to live their best lives.

Heather shares her journey raising twins with special needs, shifting her mindset and her circumstances after eight years feeling stuck on public assistance, and facing down a scary medical diagnosis.

To contact Heather or access her content, click on the links above or email her at info@thesinglemomblog.com.

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